Age to Come was born from a felt need to create an intersection between style, practicality, and social contribution in kid’s fashion. Our vision is to close the gap between the fashionable and the functional in our kids’ clothes. Our passion is to do this while contributing to parents, kids, to our communities and to the community surrounding our factory in Ningbo, China.

After a decade of working with designers, Linsey Fuller began creating pieces for her children in an effort to bring the seemingly inaccessible world of international streetwear to her kids’ wardrobe.

Other moms took note, and Linsey was encouraged to extend her vision beyond the walls of her own home. Our small team was established with a dynamic spectrum of backgrounds and personalities. The driving ideas were beautifully straightforward.

We set out to alleviate common problems for parents by creating utilitarian garments with purpose beyond looking great. Aware of our kids’ singular concern for clothes that feel nice, we create garments with base layers of comfy cotton. By employing a color palette of black, white, and grey, we are able to offer pieces appropriate for either gender, and that can be shared amongst children.

We want to contribute to our communities, provide simple and functional clothes that benefit parents and look great on our kids.

Style. Simplicity. Community.



Co Founder

“I love to maintain the creative flow in several disciplines,” Linsey demonstrates via a wide spectrum of experience in communication, advertising, graphic design, and floral design.

After ten years of work with west coast designers as a trim supplier sourcing buttons, zippers, and fabrics for apparel companies, Linsey wanted to create designs for Max and Maddie, her two kids.

When unable to find children’s clothes comparable in style to the world of adult fashion, it was Linsey’s entrepreneurial spirit and mom sensibility that empowered her to take big risks in founding Age to Come Apparel. It’s this same spirit that compels Linsey to empower people of varied skillsets and abilities with a similar drive and determination.


Co Founder

As a mom of three, Michele has spent more of her life in the world of pediatric nursing than in fashion design. Traveling the world, contributing to medical relief work abroad became foundation of Michele’s insistence that Age to Come maintain integrity and transparency in its partnerships and manufacturing.

Her love of sewing—inherited from her seamstress grandmother—as well as meticulous concern for detail and excellence make Michele a perfect fit for the Age to Come team.

When detailing her affection for the sort of straightforward, adaptable items she emphasizes in her work, Michele maintains, “I think less is more when it comes to clothes. Quality over quantity.”


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