Age to Come was born from a desire to create an intersection between style, practicality, and social contribution in kid’s fashion. Our vision is to close the gap between fashion and function in kids’ clothes. Our passion is to contribute to parents, kids, and our community along with the community around our factory in Xiamen China.

After a decade of working with designers, Linsey Fuller began creating pieces for her children to bring the inaccessible world of international streetwear to their wardrobe.

Other parents noticed and Linsey was inspired to extend her vision beyond the walls of her own home. Quickly our team came together and Age to Come began.

Aware of our kids’ preference for the most comfortable clothes in their closets, we set out to create clothes that they will choose first every time without compromising style. Employing a color palette of black, white and grey, we have accomplished a utilitarian style for any gender that can be shared among siblings. We have not compromised on quality and detail, meaning our clothes will wash beautifully for years and are designed to grow with your children.

We want to contribute to our communities, provide simple clothes that are functional for parents and look great on our kids.


I love the adventure of life. If you asked me 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed I would one day design and create clothing. I started working first in advertising, which I thought was my dream job. Then through a series of amazing opportunities and an incredible woman named Laura Hollister-Takashima, I acquired and now own a sourcing company called Material Source. Through Material Source I supplied many companies with high end trims and fabrics. Now since starting Age to Come Apparel, I am able to partner my passion for quality trims and fabrics with my love for the creative process. I enjoy sitting on the designer side of the table while knowing the elaborate process of the supply chain.

My husband Robbie is a footwear creative director and his job brought us to the wonderful city of Xiamen, China. Living in China has driven my desire to know the process, the factory and the community in which our clothes are made. We have two children Max (7) and Maddie (4).


My love for quality clothing, I attribute to my grandmother. From a young age, she would strongly discourage my sister and I from shopping at the “cheap stores.” She’d drop little bits of wisdom about quality fabric and workmanship. She was a master seamstress herself who designed and made many of her own clothes. I was inspired by her to learn to sew and for several years designing and making was just a hobby for me.

My career for over a decade has been a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse. I spent many years traveling internationally on a team performing heart surgeries for children around the world. My exposure to many developing countries drives my passion for integrity and transparency in our partnerships and manufacturing at Age to Come. We care about how our clothes are made and about who made them.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Nate, and three kids- Luca (5), Evangeline (3.5), and Florentia (1).