About Us


Age to Come Apparel was cofounded by Linsey Fuller and Michele Frazier, two friends with a love for design and creativity. Our kids were growing and it was a challenge to find high quality, functional, and beautiful clothes for them that did not compromise on quality or ethics. We sought out to create clothes that were ethically made and would stand the test of wear and tear, able to be passed down from child to child. 

We sold our kids collections internationally and from coast to coast in the USA for a few years. Then at the plea of our customers and friends, we created a limited collection of adult clothes. They became ready for release just prior to the pandemic when all the world went on hold.

Age to Come was put on pause like many other things as we were working moms with newly homeschooled/virtually learned kiddos and other successful careers. During the pandemic, Michele worked as a Pediatric ICU nurse and Linsey dove head first into creative direction and design for another company we love.

Emerging now out of the pandemic times, Linsey continues to thrive in her new role. Michele is back to part time working as a nurse, diving back into this business we put so much love, time and thought into. And though Linsey is no longer leading Age to Come, we remain the best of friends, counting down the days till our next visit as we live on opposite sides of the world now. 

We hope you'll check out our clothes because they really are fantastic.

xo Michele